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How to enable extended exim log or advanced exim logs in Cpanel servers

This article will tell you how easily you can configure advanced exim logs in cpanel servers. The extended exim logs in cpanel server will help yo....

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Cpanel Proxy Domains Complete Autossl Support with Cpnginx

We are happy to announce a new version of cpnginx 10.13 . The cpanel team has been fixed a bud related with autossl proxy domains ( eg cpanel.doma....

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How to Install node.js on a cPanel Server

Installation of node.js isĀ  not yet officially supported by cPanel.However It’s still a feature request . (Discussion at Official cPanel For....

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How to install MariaDB Server in cPanel/WHM servers

What is MariaDB ? MariaDB is a binary drop in replacement of the same MySQL version (for example MySQL 5.1 -> MariaDB 5.1, MariaDB 5.2 & Ma....

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How To Install PHP 5.2 on cPanel/WHM 11.40+

cPanel, Inc. has released EasyApache 3.24. This version removes Apache 1.3/2.0, PHP 5.2, and mod_frontpage. As mentioned in Introducing EasyApache....

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How to Safely Change the Location of MySQL Data Directory on cPanel/WHM Servers

I had seen many cPanel servers running out of disk space due to MySQL data directory on “/var” partition.To solve this issue you need ....

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How to install Percona Server in cPanel/WHM servers

What is Percona Server ? Percona Server is based on the original MySQL code, but functions as a drop-in that replaces MySQL .Like MySQL, Percona S....

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