Database Administration

We Support MySQL, Mariadb, Percona, Mongodb, AmazonRDS, etc.,



Our general Database Administration Service feature

MySQL Support

We provide MySQL database server administration , MySQL Clusters support , MySQL Backup Management, Mysql Server Optimization and MySQL Disaster Recovery services

MongoDB Administration

We Support the NosQL MongoDB software. We provide MongoDB installation , MongoDB Cluster support , MongoDB optimizations, MongoDB Application Development and 24x7 MongoDB Support

Database Optimization Service

If your application is not performing due to your heavily loaded database queries, Then you may need to optimize your database and the engine. We can help you to optimize your servers

Mariadb Administration

We provide support for Mariadb installations, Mariadb Optimization , Mariadb Clusters, Mariadb Upgrade and Maintanance and 24x7 Mariadb Technical support services.

Database Administration Service

If your are managing massive amount data with your data base , then your organization may need a DBA for managing your databases. Our Remote Database Administration Service will be suitable

Amazon Database Services

We Support Amazon Database Services Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon RDS. If you are planning to deploy your application on the AWS Cloud, our team can deploy a perfect database in cloud