Service Faq

Questions and Answers Related With Our Service

Are you fully staffed 24/7/365?

Absolutely. We have technicians standing by 24/7/365

Will you perform any automatic updates, upgrades or changes on my server?

Yes! All security updates/patches will be applied by our techs as needed

What does your monitoring service include?

Our monitoring service monitors all critical services on your server including PING, HTTP, SSH, MYSQL,FTP, POP, EXIM, IMAP, and Server Load.

How will my data center know if my server needs a reboot?

When submitting a monitoring request to us, simply enter your data center's reboot instructions, and we will contact them if a reboot is needed.

What is your average response and resolution time?

Our aim to resolve all tickets as quickly as possible. We guarantee a response within 30 minutes and a resolution within 3 hours.

What happens if you do not meet your response or resolution guarantees?

Our aim to meet our response and resolution time guarantees, there are some extremely rare situations that prevent us from doing so. If we fail to meet our guarantees, please contact us right away, and we will do our best to make it up to you.

Do you offer phone support support?

As there is no way to effectively queue, assign, and track issues via live chat or phone. Phone consultations are available on a per-incident or per-call basis at our discretion.

What is Tech Desktop Monitoring Software?

We will use a software to see your techs desktop. So you can watch your employee and see what he is doing. This will ensure the meaning of a dedicated tech.

What is dedicated VPN device facility?

We will provide dedicated VPN device and ISP line for your techs in our certain plans. This will help your techs to connect to your local VPN network and ensure the security and monitoring.This way you manage your admin or team from inside your network. There will be 2 - 4 days setup time for this also an additional one time setup fee of 100$