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Services include DirectAdmin Installation, Setup ,Optimization, Security, Server Migration, Monitoring, Performance boost, etc.,
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Monthly Tickets
24x7 Support
Directadmin Installation
Directadmin Reactive Support
Directadmin Basic Security
Script Installation
Directadmin Firewall Configuration (CSF/APF)
Per Server Plans
OS Installation
ConfigServer Plugins Installation
Directadmin PHP Optimization
Directadmin Cloud Linux Support
Hardware Raid Setup
Directadmin Ffmpeg Installation
Directadmin Server Optimization
24x7 Directadmin Server Monitoring
Kernel Optimization
Advanced Security
Directadmin Server Migration
Directadmin Proactive Support
Directadmin Disaster Management
3rd Party Software Installation
Directadmin Hacking Investigation
Directadmin MySQL Optimization
Directadmin Account Transfer

What is included More ?

General DirectAdmin server management plan features

DirectAdmin Installation and Setup

We provide DirectAdmin software installation and initial setup services for your dedicated or vps server in the above plans with updated security patches.

Server Migration , Account Transfer & Backup Restoration

We migrate your DirectAdmin server accounts and data into another servers as per your request and plan without any downtime. We are the experts in Directadmin management.

30 Minutes Support Tickets Response Time SLA

We will give initial response to you tickets in less than 30 minutes to you or your clients and give a resolution within next 8 to 24 hours on 24x7 basis.

Best Proactive Server Management Serviceg

Our team will regularly check your server and ensure your server stability. We will update your server software and security patches are per the priority and need.

Unique Initial Server Stabilization Procedure

We will do a server stabilization on your DirectAdmin server to make it very stable. This will help you to avoid server load issues and unnecessary down times.

24x7 Server Monitoring With Reboot And Reports

We provide 24 hour server monitoring service as per your server management plan. Our monitoring team will handle the reboot requests and email alerts too.

Server Security, Optimization And Hardening

Our technical team members are experts in securing your servers. We will configure and tweak your server with the best security software and tools.

Disaster Management and Hacking Investigation

Syslint Support team can handle disaster recovery and hacking investigation service for you as per your plan. We are the experts in recovering your data.

Customized Pricing Options For Bulk Orders

If you have more than 5 DirectAdmin servers , then you will get custom price for your whole servers with support from your help desk.Please contact our sales department.

Third Party Software or Scripts Installations

We do free installation for control panel plugins and php scripts. All other server software installation will be charged according to the task and your plan.