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Cpnginx Old Version End of Life Announcement ( Upto version 9 )

The old versions of cpnginx ( upto version 9 ) will be only supported till December 31 , 2016 . After that there will be no support for old versions of cpnginx . We continue develop and support cpnginx new

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cpnginx 10 bug in firewall page

Bug details: Some of the firewall page input fields were not active. It has been fixed and updated to the same package. If you already installed cpnginx before this time, please update this patch as follows, wget unzip

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A new era of Support for your hosting business is launching !!!!

Press Release , For immediate release 5th July 2016 “Today we announce a new brand for web hosting support from SupportLite . A budget friendly quality server management services ” Back in 2008 Syslint started providing server support solutions as

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New Linux Kernel Zero day Exploit Vulnerability CVE-2016-0728

New Linux Kernel Zero day Exploit Vulnerability CVE-2016-0728 The PPR research team recently found a 0-day local privillege escalation vulnerability in the linux kernel. This vulnerability has existed since 2012. This bug is cased buy a reference leak in the

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Linux Server Management & Outsourced Support buy one get one free offer

Hire any server support plan from the above list and you may get one free. This is a limited time offer only.  Please  skype us  or contact  our sales department from

Syslint announce new plans and features

For immediate release December 14th, 2015 Greetings from Syslint Technologies! Syslint Technologies – an established venture who provides flexible and scalable Server Support Management services – take this opportunity to apprise you regarding our expansion of server support services with

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Hire one Get One Admin Free offer / 50% recurring discount Support Plan –...

We are running this unique offer for our existing server management clients. If you run a webhosting Business, then it is the best time to Chose a support team for your own. Offer Details : You Hire one tech ,

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