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Sherin is an entrepreneur and Linux is his passion. He is well known in the linux world and working with a number of opensource projects and companies. Sherin is currently working as the technical director of Syslint.

Cpremote New version 10.2 With Python 3

We are pleased to announce the release of new cpremote , version 10.2. This version have a major platform change What is new in cpremote 10.2? From this version cpremote use python 3 ( currently 3.5 ) . It will

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Understanding Cpremote Restore Progress and File Lock Mechanism

The Cpremote Restore Process Cpremote use file lock mechanism to control the restore procedure. It mean each restore request under a cpanel account will start with a lock file. This will allow to run only one restore in a cpanel

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Cpremote Update Available Version 10.1

Cpremote  version 10.1 A new version of cpremote distributed parallel backup software is available. This is a bug updated version. It is recommend to upgrade.

Cpnginix 10.5 Released

Cpnginx Version 10. 5 A new version of cpnginx is available which have a major update with cPanel Autossl/LetsEncrypt. Now cpnginx will auto update the changes of your ssl certificates even if whm don’t have this ssl hooks. It is

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Launching Cpanel Distributed Parallel Backup Software

Press Release ( For Immediate release 23/01/2017) We are pleased to announce the release of a new distributed parallel backup management software, Cpremote, for Cpanel servers. This software is a cpanel plugin that support FTP, ssh ,sftp , Amazon S3

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Cpnginx Old Version End of Life Announcement ( Upto version 9 )

The old versions of cpnginx ( upto version 9 ) will be only supported till December 31 , 2016 . After that there will be no support for old versions of cpnginx . We continue develop and support cpnginx new

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Cpnginx v 10.4 is released

A new updated version of cpnginx has been released today.This version have the following bug updates / features. SSL Certificate Removal Hooks: Enabled ssl certificate removal hook in cpanel. So now the ssl vhost will automatically removed while you remove

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