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Syslint ™ Technologies is a technical support and software development company offering enterprise solutions since 2008. Our team consists of people that have been mastering their knowledge about all sorts of Unix / Linux systems. With such experience, we joined the web hosting industry in order to make your business grow faster and smoother. Our system administration and security services have been appreciated by many companies throughout the world that run their businesses on Unix platform.

Rancher desktop – How to install rancher desktop on Ubuntu 22.04

What is rancher desktop ? Rancher desktop is an opensource container management application. Rancher Desktop runs Kubernetes and container managem....

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Nginx Security Update CVE-2022-41741

There has been a security bug in nginx which affected some of the old version. We have given a proper time to update the nginx version of all our ....

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How to Fix Openssl BUG for Cpnginx

We have an update for Cpnginx with a new version 11.7 which have a fix for the openssl bug ? What is Openssl Bug? Recently Redhat upgraded openssl....

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Cpnginx 11.7 Release with fix for Openssl Bug

Cpnginx 11.7 is available for installations and new up. This may address the following bugs Fixed Bugs Openssl Bug – #2039993 How to install....

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Nginx Down on Cloudlinux 7 / RHEL 7 Servers from 12/01/2022

Affected Operating Systems RHEL 7 CloudLinux 7 There is an update released for the openssl library with version 1.0.2k-23 . This is a buggy versio....

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25 Tips to Secure Your Linux Server ( Secure your DevOps Server)

Securing your Linux server is important to protect your data, intellectual property, and time, from the hands of hackers. This is the article whic....

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ipv6 support in cpnginx 11.1 – Release note

We recently released the cpnginx 11 series . We forget to add a feature in this release it was the Ipv6 Support . Now with the release of Cpnginx ....

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