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"Don't touch your data , if your server is dead. Making changes to files will make it worse. It also alter the hackers fingerprints"

We provide emergency support , disaster recovery services and hacking investigation services under this plan. Let the experts do the jobs for you. We will help you to recover as much as your data. You think, you accidentally deleted your data, we can recover it. This service is based on the amount of data and the task. It will be charged on hourly base.

    Key Tips To Protect Your Data

  • Setup a Proper backup
  • Use hardware RAID 10 at least
  • Secure Your Server Properly
  • Regularly Monitor The Server
  • Update Server Software Regular
  • Apply Security Patches Instantly

    Our Emergency Support Include

  • Recover data from a corrupted hard disk
  • Hacking investigation
  • Restore control panel
  • Recover databases
  • Restore server and control panel to another server
  • Recover data from rescue