One Time Server Optimization

Turbo Boost Your Server Performance

If you feel your websites are slow or you are getting big server loads due to traffic, then it is time to tune your server application. Do you know a well optimized server will get more than 50% speed compared to its original state ? . So you may need to install, configure and optimize the server well. Syslint Techs provide server optimization with application optimization. This service includes only 48 hour monitoring and free support after the optimization. So if you need monthly maintenance please signup for our monthly management plan too.




Some tasks that are performed on your server

Linux Operating System optimization

We will check your server applications and enable/disable services according to its usage. All useless services will be stopped.

HDD tuning

This is for increasing I/O performance and protection.

Apache compilation and optimization

We will compile apache in your server with the minimal and required modules. This will help to run apache with low memory foot print. We will also configure the proper MPM.

PHP compilation and optimization

Your server PHP will be compiled . We will disable some useless function and PHP modules. Which are not required for your applications.

Mysql memory tuning

We will configure the mysql server memory settings and query settings. This will solve issues with slow query and temporary tables

Memcached Server configuration (Optional)

It is a memory caching server. This will cache into memory. Mainly useful for big database access applications

3rd Party Software/Script Installations
Nginx caching proxy configuration(Optional)

Nginx is one of the best caching server. It have inbuilt compression facility and caching of static files. It will also protected from C10 issues. So running nginx as a reverse proxy will increase the server performance. If you are using cpnginx or danginx, then trial license will be used for it

Kernel Tuning via Sysctl Controls

We will tune your server sysctl configuration to control kernel parameters. We will also remove useless kernel modules and configure the proper IPtable modules too.

Server software updates

We will patch, upgrade or update software as per your server configuration.

Vbullettin Configuration Tuning (Optional)

We will configure your VB application to work with your server very fast and integrate with memcached server too

Wordpress cache management (Optional )

We will give suggestion for tuning wordpress from the admin panel