Cpanel Server Management

Proactive & Reactive Cpanel Support

Cpanel Administration include Cpanel installation ,optimisation, security, server migration, performance boost, etc.,

Cpanel Server Management Plan Reactive Basic

Price $20/mo

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Proactive Cpanel Server Management Basic

Price $75/mo

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Cpanel Server Management Plan Reactive Enterprise

Price $50/mo

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Proactive Cpanel Server Management Enterprise

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Which Cpanel server support plan should I chose ?

Cpanel server management plan from Syslint is one of the top rated services. We have both reactive and proactive cpanel server support plans. We recommend to chose a proactive cpanel server support plan.

  • Reactive Cpanel server support plan is based on incident only. You need to open tickets when you need help
  • Proactive Cpanel server management service include regularly server audit and monitoring
  • Got more than 5 servers ? Get discounted bulk pricing for cpanel server management
Cpanel Server Management
We Support Cloud Linux
We Support imunify
We support Kernel Care
We support lightspeed
We support Softaculous
We support whmcs

Outsourced Cpanel Server Support

The complete cpanel server management package for your web hosting

What is Cpanel server management?

Cpanel server management service is a quality service offered by Syslint Technologies. We provide proactive cpanel server support services without any support ticket limitations. We will install and setup your cpanel server. Some of the highlighted features are given below,

  • New Cpanel server setup and configuration
  • Cpanel server migration and account transfer
  • Cloudlinux Cpanel server support
  • Cpanel LiteSpeed web server support
  • Cpanel nginx integration with cpnginx
  • Cpanel/WHM plugins installation
  • Cpanel server security,tweaking and hardening
  • Cpanel Firewall Configuration
  • Cpanel Configserver plugins installation
  • Cpanel mysql optimization and mysql tuning
  • Cpanel PHP optimization and Os installation

The Cpanel server management service from Syslint is a best seller service. We have more than a decade experience with managing thousands of cpanel servers . So providing quality cpanel server support is our daily routine. If you only need support when an incident happen, then our reactive cpanel server management plans are suitable. If you need proactive server audit, monitoring and server update, we recommend to chose the proactive cpanel/whm server support plan.

Our Cpanel server support services include cpanel server installation and setup. We will install everything that required to run a cpanel hosting business in your server. Our cpanel hardening service is another notable point. We do custom cpanel firewall installation and cpanel server scanning for malware. Syslint Technologies is an authorized cloudlinux partner. There is no worries for managing cpanel cloud linux servers. We also support liteSpeed web server integration in cpanel servers.

Our team developed plugins for cpanel high performce servers. Cpnginx is a high performance cpanel server management tool. We also provide cpanel distributed parallel backup software named cpremote. We guarantee 30 minute response for cpanel support tickets and 3 to 24 hours resolution time for tickets. Most of the support tickets will be fixed within one hour time. Please scroll down to know more features in our cpanel server management service.

What is included More ?

General cpanel server management plan features

Cpanel installation and Cpanel server setup

We provide cpanel control panel software installation and cpanel initial server setup services for your dedicated or vps server in the above plans with updated security patches.

Cpanel server migration and Cpanel account transfers

We migrate your cpanel server accounts and data into another servers as per your request and chosen plan. We will do the no downtime cpanel server migration as a piece of mind service.

30 minutes support tickets response time SLA

We will give initial response to you tickets in less than 30 minutes to you or your clients and give a resolution within next 8 to 24 hours on 24x7 basis.

Cpanel third party software or scripts installations.

We do free installation for cpanel plugins and php scripts. All other server software installation will be charged according to the task and your plan.

Unique initial server stabilization service

We will do a server stabilization on your cPanel server to make it very stable. This will help you to avoid server load issues and unnecessary down times.

24x7 Cpanel monitoring with reboot and reports

We provide 24 hour cpanel server monitoring service as per your cpanel server management plan. Our monitoring team will handle the reboot requests and email alerts.

Cpanel Server security, optimization and hardening

Our technical team members are experts in securing your cpanel servers. We will configure and tweak your server with the best cpanel security software and tools.

Disaster management and hacking investigation

Syslint Support team can handle cpanel disaster recovery and cpanel hacking investigation service for your servers as per your plan. We are the experts in recovering your data.

Customized pricing options for bulk orders

If you have more than 5 cPanel servers, then you will get custom price for your whole servers with support from your help desk. Please contact our sales department.

Cpanel Cloudlinux Support and maintanance

Syslint is a Cloudlinux support partner. we provide cloudlinux cpanel server support and cloudlinux cpanel hardening service with all of our management plans

Cpanel LiteSpeed web server support

We will install and configure LiteSpeed web server in your cpanel servers. We also tune and optimize the Litespeed server parameter from the whm admin panel.

Cpanel nginx support and integration

We do installation and configuration of cpanel nginx plugin in your server. Cpnginx plugin is free with proactive cpanel server management plans.

Build a High Performance cpanel server with Cpnginx

Cpnginx is a complete cpanel nginx integration software. It 100% customizable and a template based nginx webserver management software that will super charge your server

  • Run Nginx as stand alone with cpanel and php-fpm
  • Full integration for wordpress, magento, yii2,etc,.
Cpanel Server Management
Cpanel Server Management

Cpanel Distributed Parallel Backup Software

Cpremote is a cpanel backup software that supports incremental, compressed and uncompressed backups with seven days retention and have disaster management features.

  • Cpremote is free with proactive cpanel server management plans
  • Cpremote support a wide variety for remote storage locations


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