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How to install Let’s encrypt ssl with zimbra fully automated configuration

This document will help you to configure your zimbra server with let’s encrypt autossl, a free ssl certificate solution to all your domains ....

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Zimbra Server Migration and Zimbra Account Transfer – The Perfect Method

Index Introduction Requirement Presetup Backup all data from Old server Find all domains Find all admin accounts Find all email accounts Get all d....

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[SOLVED]CRITICAL! LDAP primary MDB database is 90% full in Zimbra

You may get this type errors as email in the zimbra admin email account. This was related with the zimbra 8.x changes in ldap db configuration. Yo....

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How to configure Zimbra + CSF – The Best Zimbra Firewall Configuration

CSF is one of the best opensource firewalls that using in most of the hosting servers like cPanel and Directadmin . Also it is one of the best fir....

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How to Configure Zimbra With External Email Address

You can add your external email accounts to your zimbra email  server from your end user  interface . But sometimes the testing from Zimbr -> P....

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