Cpanel Proxy Domains Complete Autossl Support with Cpnginx


We are happy to announce a new version of cpnginx 10.13 . The cpanel team has been fixed a bud related with autossl proxy domains ( eg cpanel.domain.tld , webmail.domain.tld ) , CPANEL-18074 .So there is a new version of cpnginx available with the following changes

  • Fixed proxy domains Autossl update and certificate validation
  • Upgraded cpnginx templates to version 2.0

You may chose any of the following options. Please make sure to take a backup of /etc/cpnginx to a secured folder in the server.

Options 1

If there is no custom templates you can do a clean reinstall for the cpnginx

Options 2

Update the nginx templates with the latest v2 templates as follows

# cd /etc/cpnginx/
# wget
# tar -xzf templatesv2.tgz
# rm -f templatesv2.tgz
# nginxctl build vhosts
# nginxctl restart

If you have any custom nginx vhost templates , then you need to make sure it to upgrade to version 2.0 templates.