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Nginx Security Update CVE-2022-41741

There has been a security bug in nginx which affected some of the old version. We have given a proper time to update the nginx version of all our ....

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How to compile and install NGINX From source on CentOS 7

Nginx is a web server which can also be used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, mail proxy and HTTP cache. In this tutorial we will discuss hoe to....

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Cpanel Proxy Domains Complete Autossl Support with Cpnginx

We are happy to announce a new version of cpnginx 10.13 . The cpanel team has been fixed a bud related with autossl proxy domains ( eg cpanel.doma....

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How to install Nginx as Reverse Proxy in front of Apache on Ubuntu 15.10

Index Introduction Install Apache & PHP Configure Apache and PHP Install Nginx Configure Nginx Configure Logging 1.0 Introduction Nginx or &#....

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Nginx Security Update For All Nginx installations upto version 1.4.0

Greg MacManus, of iSIGHT Partners Labs, found a security problem in several recent versions of nginx. A stack-based buffer overflow might occur in....

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Prestashope Admin And Nginx Plugin

The prestashope  software need big header size to pass http. So please do the folowing to fix this issue, 1)  Edit  the vhost.conf   ( under /etc/....

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Enable Cache in cPnginx Servers

You can enable cache in cPnginx. This will decrease the server load. But enabling cache will show the  website updates slowly only. To enable cach....

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