Nginx Down on Cloudlinux 7 / RHEL 7 Servers from 12/01/2022

Affected Operating Systems

  • RHEL 7
  • CloudLinux 7

There is an update released for the openssl library with version 1.0.2k-23 . This is a buggy version which will result in failure of nginx or http servers. As cloudlinux take updates from redhat , this issue is also affected by cloudlinux servers too .

Bug Tracking

There is already a bug ticket opened for this issue on redhat bugzilla

Fix upgrading to cpnginx 11.7 – Recommended

You need to upgrade cpnginx to 11.7 after that disable the OCSP stapling as follows,

# touch /etc/cpnginx/disable_ocsp

Now rebuild all vhosts

# nginxctl build vhosts
# nginxctl restart

Another solution

To solve this issue please downgrade openss to the rior version using the following command

# yum downgrade openssl openssl-libs openssl-devel

You may also disable automatic cpanel update too . Please kindly monitor the bug tracking url and once redhat / Cloudlinux release and update for this bug, you can enable automatic updates.

Please don’t open a support ticket with this issues, which will be automatically discarded.