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CSF Directadmin Issue Permission denied [User:admin UID:501]- Solved

Hello, This is a simple permission issue in directadmin. The CSF in directadmin is running a setuid program. So it simply need to enable the  setu....

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How to convert directadmin to SUPHP the easy method version 2

Conversion to SUPHP in directadmin is easy. You may please proceed with the following steps 1) Set the following custom build options /build set p....

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How to do Directadmin to Directadmin Migration

The directadmin to directadmin migration is easy. Set the value  skip_domains_in_backups=1  in  /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf . Thi....

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How to install eAccelerator in directadmin server

The eaccelerator installation in directadmin is easy . This procedure is same in all php linux distribution. You may need to do the following proc....

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How to install DBD::mysql in directadmin

To install DBI and DBD:mysql from source, run the following: wget http://www.cpan.org/modules/by-module/DBD/DBI-1.608.tar.gz tar xvzf DBI-1.608.ta....

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How to install suphp in directadmin

Directadmin came with php ad CLI options. So the php scripts run as apache user.  You can use suphp , which help the php run as local user.  Dirce....

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How to rest mysql root password in directadmin

When connecting to the MySQL screens in DirectAdmin, if this error appears, that would indicated that the “da_admin” user has not been....

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