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Install Mhash in php 5.3+ in cPanel Centos Linux servers

The php-mhash installation in php 5.3 is very easy. Please use the following steps to install it 1) Download the latest mhash from   http://mhash.....

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Disable Mod-security2 for a Domain in cPanel

First of all   we can’t block mod_security2 via .htaccess on domain basis . So never put .htaccess  mod-security rules. You have to disable it in ....

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How to install mod_evasive in cPanel server

Please follow the procedure given below to install and configure  mod_evasive in  cPanel server with apache 2.2. Download the   latest source file....

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How to ext4 Disk quota (journaled ) in cPanel

This article help you to configure journaled disk quota.  It is one of the latest and fast quota format. Please do the following steps to enable q....

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