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How to install Vesta control panel in RHEL 7 or Centos 7

Index Introduction Requirements Install Vesta control panel Admin panel logins Add a domain in vestacp Create an email account in vestacp Uninstall Vestacp Conclusion Introduction This article will help you to install and configure Vestacp hosting control panel in your

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Web Hosting Startup Support

Web Hosting Startup Support Full Support For Startup Hosting Business Companies HSP01 (number of server 5) $150/mo Unlimited Tickets 24×7 Support order now HSP02 (number of server 10) $250/mo Unlimited Tickets 24×7 Support order now HSP03 (number of server 15)

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VPS Handbook Vol.2 – VPS Optimization , Security and Hardening

Index Introduction Terms used ( Node , container , VPS, etc,. ) Requirement Node Optimization & Security Container Optimization & Security Before Installing VPS Platform Optimization HDD Optimization Service Optimization Removal Of Useless Softwares Removal Of Useless Services Kernel Optimization

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Openx Handbook Openx Server Optimization And Performance Tuning

Index Introduction What is Openx? Requirements Hardware Requirements Software Requirements Hardware Optimization Port Connection Checking I/O wait optimization Understanding the Processor Operating System and Service Hardening Useless Package Removal Useless Service Removal Sysctl Configuration Apache, PHP Configuration And Performance Tuning

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Outsourced Dedicated Team

Outsourced Dedicated Team Build Personalized Support Hub With Our Techs Starter $5000/mo Level I/II techs 2 Level III techs 1 order now Business $12500/mo Level I/II techs 3 Level III techs 2 order now Smart $14000/mo Level I/II techs 4

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Outsourced Dedicated Admin

Outsourced Dedicated Admin Hire Your Own Dedicated Support Admin Jr.System Engineer $1000/mo Upto 1 years exp order now System Engineer $1500/mo 2 to 3 years exp order now Sr.System Engineer $2000/mo Upto 5 years exp order now Team Leader $3000/mo

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Semi Dedicated Support

Semi Dedicated Support 24×7 Support From Your Help Desk Bronze (300 Tickets) $500/mo 24×7 Support order now Silver (600 Tickets) $1000/mo 24×7 Support order now Gold (900 Tickets) $1500/mo 24×7 Support order now Platinum (Unlimited) $2000/mo 24×7 Support order now

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