Cpremote New version 10.2 With Python 3

We are pleased to announce the release of new cpremote , version 10.2. This version have a major platform change

What is new in cpremote 10.2?

From this version cpremote use python 3 ( currently 3.5 ) . It will install the required python version in /opt/cppython. So cpremote no longer use the default server python. Everything will be installed in with python 3. This change will a better unicode support and performance. It is recommend to upgrade to this version.

We also fixed some minor bugs too.

New feature:

  • Ported to python 3 for better encoding and platform support. Now cpremote install python 3.5 on /opt without using server default python and its modules


  • Fixed various typo mistakes
  • Fixed email address validation for new gtlds in alert management
  • Added individual pid control for user backup restore
  • Mysql dump backup enabled

Thank you for all our users who suggested this upgrade and features.