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How to Fix hardware clock issue from a Xen VM

You can run an independent clock for your XEN VM . That will fix the hardware clock problem, unless you don’t have access to host node. It is always best to keep the hardware clock of Dom0 with synchronization .

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How to install MariaDB Server in cPanel/WHM servers

curlSSL – Openssl heart bleed bug not updated

Issue : If you are using cPanel servers , then there is a chance that your curlssl is still using old openssl  which have the heart bleed bug. For checking this, simply create a phpinfo page and look under curl

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How To Install PHP 5.2 on cPanel/WHM 11.40+

cPanel, Inc. has released EasyApache 3.24. This version removes Apache 1.3/2.0, PHP 5.2, and mod_frontpage. As mentioned in Introducing EasyApachea Optimal Profiles, These End of Life (EOL) items are no longer available in EasyApache. These items have been removed for

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How to Safely Change the Location of MySQL Data Directory on cPanel/WHM Servers

I had seen many cPanel servers running out of disk space due to MySQL data directory on “/var” partition.To solve this issue you need to move your MySQL data directory to a new location.There are also other situations like moving

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How to install Percona Server in cPanel/WHM servers

What is Percona Server ? Percona Server is based on the original MySQL code, but functions as a drop-in that replaces MySQL .Like MySQL, Percona Server is open-source, so it is free and it benefits from additions from the community.

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How to reduce memory consumption on a cpanel vps

Run command ‘free -m’ note value under ‘-/+ buffers/cache’ and find out how much memory your vps is currently using ? After that please proceed the following steps: 1) Stopping SpamAssassin: This program isn’t overly important to the stopping of

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