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Launching New Nginx Software for Cpanel

We launched a new nginx software for cpanel. It comes with a lot of amazing features. Some features like, multip php fpm, ssl ,http2, Nginx firewall, app templates, virtual host templates ,google page speed, etc,.. This is a fully customizable

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A new era of Support for your hosting business is launching !!!!

Press Release , For immediate release 5th July 2016 “Today we announce a new brand for web hosting support from SupportLite . A budget friendly quality server management services ” Back in 2008 Syslint started providing server support solutions as

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How to Install Seafile cloud storage in Ubuntu 14.04 server

Index Introduction Prerequisites Install all Dependency Softwares for Seafile Install Seafile Configure Seafile Start Seafile and seahub services Seafile web interface 1. Introduction Seafile is a free and open source cloud storage software system. It acts as a central server

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Scheduling Shutdown Automatically in centos 7

Introduction Shutdown automatically in a centos 7 server is a very easy task. It is possible to set shutdown operation at any time as per your need. It is very helpful task while running any installtion or other processes in

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How to install Nagios and NRPE in Centos 7 or RHEL 7

Index Introduction Features Prerequisition Download Nagios And Plugins Install Nagios And Plugins Install nagios Install Nagios Web interface Install Nagios plugins Access Nagios Web Interface Add Monitoring targets to nagios server Configure nagios client 1. Introduction Nagios is a powerful

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