cPremote version 7.7 is available for update

cPremote version 7.7 is available for update. It is a minor bug fix version .  This version have the following bug updates  /  features

Bug Update :

  •     Forced ssl to v3 with curl.
  •     Fixed special character issue in mysql  root passwords.

It is recommend to update  to version  7.7

cPremote update to version 7.6 ( Bug update)

There is a new version of cpremote available. We recommend to upgrade your cpremote.

Release note:   Recently cpanel has changed the mysql “password ”  field in .my.cnf file from “pass” to “password” . So this was making an  issue with mysql connection .

You may need to upgrade cpremote to version 7.6  for getting both type of passwords working.

Old  sample format of .my.cnf in cpanel


New sample format of .my.cnf in new cpanel