Fastest method for removing massive amount of spam emails from exim queue

There are a number of methods for removing emails from exim queue. The following one is a generic method , but it is slow ,

#exim -bpru | awk {‘print $3’} | xargs exim -Mrm

But using a generic find command is easy , because it will remove the spam email files on-the-way .You can use the following find command to remove it from a cpanel exim server.

# find /var/spool/exim/input/ -type f -exec rm -vf {} \;

2checkout master card issues

This is the current status of 2checkout mastercard payment issues,

Processing global payments for Sellers around the world continues to
evolve in its complexity. 2Checkout processes your payments in
partnership with many partner banks and companies, and we are constantly
working to expand and improve those partnerships to offer the best
experience to you and your Buyers.

Continuing difficulties with one of our global partners are currently
preventing us from offering direct MasterCard processing services in your
region. We are working hard to remedy this situation, and we will
continue to keep you updated.  At this time, we do not expect to be able
to offer direct MasterCard processing services for at least the next 30

Your Buyers can continue to use MasterCard through the PayPal or PIN
Debit options. We will continue to support the many other payment types
(all forms of PayPal, PIN debit, Visa, American Express, Discover,
Diner’s Club and JCB). In an effort to lessen the impact to your
business, we have done the following:
-Removed the MasterCard option from our Checkout process so  Buyers will
simply select a different payment method

For our Sellers with recurring payment transactions:
-Updated the email that is sent to all declined recurring transactions
asking the Buyer to update their payment type.
-Sent an additional urgent email on 11/16/12 directly to any of your
Buyers that have MasterCard as their payment type on file and asked them
to update their payment information.

Once your Buyers update their payment type, we will automatically bill
them for any active outstanding order.  For those Buyers that do not
choose a payment type other than MasterCard, their recurring orders will
continue to decline and we will continue to send emails asking them to
update their payment details.

Our singular focus is to provide ways to help you increase sales. Please
accept our apologies for this situation and be assured that we are
working hard to remedy it.  In the coming months, you can look forward
to a newly designed Checkout experience for your Buyers, incorporating
many new online shopping best practices that should increase the sales
conversions through your site.  We are also going to be expanding the
payment types available to your buyers all over the world.

As always, we are here to help answer any questions:
-Main Number: 1.614.921.2450
-US and Canada: 1.877.294.0273

We sincerely appreciate your business and thank you for your patience.

Cpnginx version 6.0 available now

Cpnginx released a new version 6.0 with some major changes. Please check it from From this version there is a change in the license management. We integrated  Cpnginx to a new reseller system which will allow you to resell and manage Cpnginx licenses easily. So if you are upgrading from an old version to new version, please contact our support for switching the licenses. Please see the new features below,

New Changes

Nginx Custom Build :
Install any custom version of nginx using /scripts/installnginx –version=Your-version

Nginx Auto configure:
You can add any nginx custom build flags to auto configure file /etc/cpnginx/

Http-Mod Real IP :
Cpnginx now have http_mod_realip module enabled by default .

Change Nginx Port :
You can change Nginx port  to any non-standard port via settings page

Independent of Server PHP:
cPnginx don’t use your server default php any more. So no need to change any of your server php settings. Cpnginx now only use the cpphp.

New License System:
You can now resell Cpnginx and mange all licenses via a single portal.

How to upgrade from old version ?
You may please switch the license  via our help desk. For changing the license , you may need to open a support ticket on Software Support department. After that download version 6.0 and run the installer.