[Press Release] Syslint Launched New Services & Plans

Press release ( Sep 13 , 2011) , For immediate release

Syslint Technologies

Syslint  Technologies launching new services and plans along with our improved newly designed co-operative  website. Along with this launch we are thanking to all those who given support and suggestions.

What is new in Syslint ?

  • Syslint is  top rated cPanel support service provider
  • New enduser support plans with unlimited tickets and Unlimited servers
  • Enhanced  Development  Services
  • Free cPanel and Directadmin Plugins

      Syslint is  the top rated cPanel support service provider on cPanel.net .  You can read more about from  here

Unlimited Ticket Plans For End user
If you are running a web hosting business and you like to give support from your help desk for your clients , then this plan will help you. Our 24×7 support admins will monitor your help desk and manage your tickets easily.  The unlimited ticket plan is based on per server. And it start from 50$ per month. Discounts are available for bulk orders.

Read more about this from :  http://syslint.com/Help-Desk-Support

Unlimited Server Plan For End user

This plan is a semi-dedicated plan. In this plan  our admins will work from your help desk  and give support to your clients. So it is like your on support hub. This is unlimited servers plan. There are different plan options  available. This plans start from  300$ per month with unlimited servers. You can also customize  this plans.

Read more about this from :  http://syslint.com/Semi-Dedicated-Support

Enhanced Development Service:

We improved our development services plan. We provide python ,perl and php development at affordable rates. You can read  more about it form  http://syslint.com/Software-Development

Free cPanel and Directadmin Plugins

Syslint provides free cPanel and directadmin plugins along with the server management plans. These server management plans start from 10$ per month. Our policy is pay as you need.

Read More about cPanel management plans from   :  http://syslint.com/cPanel-Server-Management
Read more about directadmin management plans from :  http://syslint.com/DirectAdmin-Server-Management