cPanel 11.46 Now in CURRENT Tier

Officially cPanel, Inc. released cPanel & WHM software version 11.46, which is now available to end users (but in the CURRENT tier-Tested and verified, but may not contain all proposed functionality of a release.). The highlights are:

New features:

  • Single Sign On for default email account
  • ModSecurity™ Tools and Configuration
  • MySQL backups include triggers and events
  • New Tweak Settings options
  • UI Includes system
  • Mass edit for TTL added

Notable System improvements

  • Paper Lantern
  •  Improved upgrade logic
  •  Binary improvements
  •  Changes to the x3 theme’s dynamicui.conf file
  •  Apache SpamAssassin upgrade
  •  Updated re2c RPM
  •  Unprivileged and unmanaged database and database username renames
  •  Updated Perl environments and modules
  •  Check for custom modules
  •  Removed buildperl binary
  •  Updated Security Advisor warnings
  •  Streaming transfers use rsync
  •  New styling for WHM News
  •  Notifications for the cpanel.config file
  •  Deprecated killacct script, new removeacct CLI script
  •  Added record types for the Advanced DNS Zone Editor
  •  Localization of x3 for 29 languages
  •  Dovecot and Courier IPv6 capabilities
  •  Package name display behavior

Removed items

  •  Interchange
  •  Removed ModSecurity Plugin interface
  •  Deprecation of LANG system
  •  Removed variables from /var/cpanel/cpanel.config
  •  Deprecated scripts
  •  Removed scripts

Reference :

11.46 Release Notes

An overview of the latest features and benefits is also available at