Why cpnginx Is better than any other Cpanel Nginx Plugin

I have to write this article , because to show the truth behind all cpanel nginx plugins. You need to think before making a decision

Cpnginx is the first and the real developed cpanel nginx integration application. Some of the cpanel nginx plugins are clones of the early cpnginx version. Even you see some plugins say they started the plugins in 2010 that is actually not a truth. You check the who is of those website and see the registration and starting date. Cpnginx doesn’t bother about other nginx plugins features. Some have a good but others simply useless. Please see some of the reasons below,

1) Caching That Works Our of The box

Cpnginx have inbuilt proxy cache , fcgi cache and google page speed cache options. No onther nginx plugins in the industry doesn’t have these three caching options unless some of them need to be customized. Cpnginx also have option to server content from stale, if your backend is down . Every caching parameters in cpnginx can be configured from the whm with a simple click. There is no ned to edit any files.

2) Cpnginx Python Scripts:

Cpnginx shipped with an nginx tool called nginxctl for sysadmins. The back end is fully developed in python. We moved from bash scripting to python, because it is simple , less code , less memory usage , less execution time , opensource ,etc,. Cpnginx is not some kids works done in bash scripting , it is fully written python script for you.

3) Cpnginx using nginx.org source

Cpngins use nginx source from nginx.org. You can install any nginx version likes “#nginxctl build nginx version 1.11.3 ” . You can add any thidrpaty nginx module to the auto installer .The nginx build deosn’t remove the old nginx. It is build on top of the current nginx , so there is no downtime. All of the other cpanel nginx installers don’t have this facility.

4) Nginx Vhost templates

Cpnginx is the only nginx plugins that shipped with vhost templates. It also comes with app specific template like wordpress, joomla, etc,. No other control panel provide vhost templates for cpanel. You always need to edit other plugins vhost files manually.

5) CPanel And WHM Plugin Pages

Cpnginx is the only plugins that provide two interfaces. One for the whm and other for cpanel. So every user can edit and control their websites nginx settings with a click. The whm cpnginx plugins panel is the amazing fully responsive web server control panel. It beats all other nginx plugins.

6) Multi nginx mode

Cpnginx works in proxy , hybrid and standalone ( nginx) mode. All other nginx plugins are only working in proxy mode. So in effect the websites are serving directly from apache using a nginx cached proxy. If you are using other nginx plugins, you are losing the benefit of nginx threads and the real nginx performance. Plugins that developed only to run in proxy mode is useless , if so why don’t you simply use cloudflate proxy service?

7) Auto install , uninstall , upgrade

Cpnginx installer have auto install , remove and update. Some of the other plugins doesn’t provide auto upgrade or you have to manually remove. Cpnginx works out of the box. So you can safely remove the nginx any time as you wish

8) Multiple PHP-FPM

Only cpnginx have multi php choice based on per domain . Chose any version of php for any of your websites. This option is not available in other nginx plugins. They don’t support multi php. It is comply integrated with the cpanel multi php rpm base.

9) Nginx Firewall

This concept is only available in cpnginx. No other plugin have this feature.

10) Professional 24×7 Support Team

Your server nginx support is safe with our team 24×7 . So using your other nginx plugins, you are highly risking your webserver . Our support is free with cpngin. You always need to pay support for other nginx plugins and need to wait till they wake up from sleep. Till that time your server will be down. The answer is simple why most of the people use cpanel other than any other free hosting control panels?

11) Cpnginx Core Open Source

The cpnginx backend is opensource and fully coded in python. You can develop an front end using the cpnginx core , if you need. This beats all other nginx plugins.

12) Feature Request Control

Cpnginx have strategic feature request management system. You can request any features to cpnginx from https://cpnginx.com/feature-request , we would love to see what more you like to inclded in your nginx.

13 ) SSL Out of the box

Cpnginx is the only cpanel support ssl certificates out of the box. Other nginx plugins have no ssl service support. So the ssl requests are still going to your apache and that is reducing around 70% of the performance as most of the websites are moving to ssl.

14) Cpanel proxy and proxy ssl

Cpnginx is the only plugins that support proxy and prxy ssl support for domains like cpanel.domain.com, whm.domain.com , domain.com/cpanel etc,.

15) Nginx rewrites and custom includes

You can add your nginx rewrite rules or include a custom rule for a domain with a single click. No there nginx plugins have this options. All others say you edit some file and add it manually. If you can do all these nginx edit manually , why you need a plugins. It is better without a plugis , if you are an nginx sysadmin and have all the time to spend inside your servers.

I am not going to the features of cpnginx, there are a lot . Let us see how many other plugins will clone the features of cpnginx now. You may kindly check the cpnginx features from https://cpnginx.com/features