SaltStack Commands

SaltStack is a open source configuration management used remote execution tool. With the use of remote execution system administrators can execute the programs and command from the master system named as salt to the agent system named as minions.Sample salt-master commands are given below,

Salt-master commands

listing minions keys:

#salt-key --list all
Accepted Keys:
Denied Keys:
Unaccepted Keys:
Rejected Keys

accept all minions keys :

#salt-key -A

delete all minions key:

#salt-key -D

accept one of minions:

#salt-key -a <minionID>

ping all minions:

#salt '*'

run grains on all minions for retrieve network interface:

#salt "*" grains.get 'hwaddr_interfaces'

run grains on all minions for retrieve CPU model:

#salt "*" grains.get 'cpu_model'

run OS command on minion:

#salt "*" 'reboot'

listing modules:

#salt-call sys.list_modules --out=json

listing states:

#salt-call sys.list_state_modules

listing modules force output format:

#salt-call sys.list_modules --out=json

synchronising modules of the minions with the master:

#salt-call saltutil.sync_modules