cPanel restorepkg bug in version 11.42.1 affected to cpremote restore

The release version  of cpanel seems to be  having a bug  for restoring backup accounts. It is only  restoring the tar account .  It failing to restore from a backup location ( extracted tar file ) . This will be updated in cPanel forum too

Steps to Recreate  The issue :

1) Take the backup of user foo,

# /scripts/pkgacct foo

2) Extract it to /home

# cd /home
# tar -xzf cpmove-foo.tar.gz
# rm -f cpmove-foo.tar.gz

3) Now restore it using the following ,

# /scripts/restorepkg --force /home/cpmove-foo

It show the following errors ,

# /scripts/restorepkg --force --user /home/cpmove-foo
Using pre-extracted cpmove file
cPanel restorepkg 2
cPanel user: foo
Force Mode: yes
Reseller Privs Restore: yes

Found /home/cpmove-foo !

cpmove- prefix is missing, but non prefixed directory exists.. the cpmove- prefix discarded.

Extracting Domain....Done
Sorry, we were unable to restore the account. Information about inhouse's primary domain is either missing or corrupt. For more information, please examine /home/cprestore/foo/cp/foo

So it is failing to restore from this path. Looks like only tar files are restoring .

We reported this bug to the cPanel and their support confirm it . So they assigned it  to their internal department with case id #97497  . We hope the cPanel developers fix this issue soon.

This bug also affected the restore procedure of cPremote too with the full account restore option, because the cpremote use cpanel restorepkg feature itself for restoring the accounts.  So  you may please use the following workaround for restoring cpanel or cpremote backups.

1) make a tar file of  your cpanel backup folder , let us say the account name is  foo ,. then create a tar as follows,

# tar -cf foo.tar  foo/

2) Upload this tar file to  /home
3)  Restore the  backup using  the following command,

# /scripts/restorepkg /home/cpmove-foo.tar

We will update again after getting a reply from the cPanel development team.