Launching New Nginx Software for Cpanel

We launched a new nginx software for cpanel. It comes with a lot of amazing features. Some features like, multip php fpm, ssl ,http2, Nginx firewall, app templates, virtual host templates ,google page speed, etc,..

This is a fully customizable nginx software specifically designed for cpanel with easyapache 4

It will take a lot of time to post all its features, so kindly check it from the following link.

Features :

Documentation :
Upgrade Old Free licenses :

Some of you may have a free license with your cpanel server management plan. You can only upgrade it to version 9.0. Cpnginx 10.0 is an entirely new product and only be avilable free with proactive server management plans.

Upgrade Old Individual Licenses:

You can remove the old cpnginx and install latest version 10.0 . You need to use the documentation. If you need any upgrade and installation help, you may kindly purchase the installation addon from your client area.

New installations:
You can install the cpnginx 10.0 using the documentation . If you need any help with installation , you need to purchase the installation service. We doesn’t provide free installation services from cpnginx 10.0.

Custom template creation:
You can build any custom templates for nginx using the documentation. Our nginx expert can help you with an additional cost.

Support :
Cpnginx comes with the standard support on free of cost. We also have a premium support ( which is priority ) with an additional payment.