ffmpeginstaller version 8.0 available with a lot of new packages

ffmpeginstaller.com is the first and the original ffmpeg auto-installer. It is an opensource tool. We updated this  installation script  with a lot of new  packages and   dependency tools. This script now auto install a lot of preset configurations for ffmpeg.  This script now install and configure  around 39 different packages in this server. This will be useful for almost all youtube clone scripts like clip-cucket, vshare, phpmotion ,etc,.

You can edit and customize it as you wish.

New feature:

  •     Added package fdk-aac-0.1.3
  •     Added package   vo-aacenc-0.1.3.tar.gz
  •     Added package   vo-amrwbenc-0.1.3.tar.gz
  •     Added Libspeex   version 1.2rc1
  •     Added Libflac   version 1.3.0
  •     Added Libao   version 1.1.0
  •     Added LibOggz version 1.1.1
  •     Added Yamdi version 1.9
  •     Added  a lot of ffmpeg preset collections

Updated packages :

  •     Upgrade for AMRNB to version 11
  •     Upgrade for AMRWB to version 11
  •     Upgrade for Freetype  to version 2.5.2
  •     Upgrade for LibOGG  to version 1.3.1
  •     Upgrade for Libvorbis  to version  1.3.4
  •     Upgrade for GPAC/ MP4Box  to verion  0.5
  •     Upgrade for re2c to version 0.13.6
  •     Upgrade for yasm  to version 1.2.0

You can download the latest package from http://www.ffmpeginstaller.com/