Danginx version 4.0 is available , New feature ipv6 , custombuild etc,.


A new version of Danginx is available now. This version have a lot of new features and changes. This version  use a new license system for easy management. So we recommend to upgrade to this new version  asap.  Before upgrading your software , please open a support ticket for upgrading your license from https://portal.syslint.com .

New Features :

  •   Support Ipv6
  •  Support apache 2.4
  •  Custom nginx installation via installnginx script
  •  Custom Nginx Module integration via auto configure in /etc/danginx/configure.sh
  •  Reseller control panel and API
  •  WHMCS Module for Resellers

Download And Upgrade:
You can download danginx version 4.0 from your client are or  https://portal.syslint.com/downloads.php  .  It is better to remove the old version and  do a fresh install for the new versions.