cPremote version 6.0 released

cPremote released a new version 6.0 with a lot of new features. Please check it from http://cpremote.net/ . From this version there is a change in the license management. We integrated  cpremote to a new reseller system which will allow you to resell and manage cpremote licenses easily. So if you are upgrading from an old version to new version, please contact our support for switching the licenses. Please see the new features below,


7 Days Backup Retention :

cPremote now support 7 days backup retention  along with daily, weekly and monthly. So you can keep your backups for 7 days

End User Interface :
cPremote now coming with end user control panel interface in cPanel. So your clients can manage backups easily

Support Local and Remote Storage :

cPremote now support local and remote storage location. So you can configure it as you wish.
Independent of Default  PHP:
cPremote now fully depending on cpphp. So there is no need to make any changes in your server default php settings for installation.

New License System :
cPremote now offer new license portal for reseller and individual owners . This came with API , documentation , whmcs module etc,.  This will help you to easily manage your cPremote installations.

Restore Option  for Individual Files And Directories :
Now you can restore individual files and folder via cpremote tools
Database  Restore :
cPremote now support database restore facility for user backups.

Individual Database Backup  Options :
You can configure cPremote to take the whole bakcup of  databases separately.

System Configuration Files Backups :
This feature will allow to make backup of your system configuration files.

System DIR Backups :
You can enable this feature to take backups of  configuration folders like /var/cpanel  , /var/named ,etc,.


How to upgrade from old version ?
You may please switch the license  via our help desk. After that download version 6.0 and run the installer.