cPanel Nginx plugin 5.0 Released

Today we are releasing the cPanel nginx plugin version 5.0 with the following new features and bug fixes.
New features :
a) Individual custom expire time for any doamins , subdomains or addon domains . So now you can easily set the expire time of every individual domains. So if you have big image websites , then you can set the maximum expire time. And which increase speed for browsing those websites from a visitor’s browser.
b) Option to add custom include configurations to any domains , subdomains or addon domains . So from this version you can include a custom nginx vhost configuration file to every vhost entry. So you can directly add Hotlink protection , IP denay , htpassword protection etc,. via nginx itself .

Please see the documentation from to know how to manage this features

Bug fix :
Addon domains were in direct proxy mode . Now it will configure addon domains as the general domains . That means nginx directly serve the static files.

How to Upgrade ?
The auto upgrade script will upgrade it within next 48 hours. If you need to manually upgrade please execute the following command from shell

 # sh /etc/cron.weekly/