Edit .ini file in other servers using Ansible PlayBook

Edit ini file


Recently we have tried to install ansible in a server machine and we controlled the other servers. Ansible Playbook is a organised unit of scripts which is working in the Controller machine (Ansible installed system). Playbook are written in YAML format.

Here letus try to create Ansible Playbook for edit php.ini file in all other node server that are configured in ansible server.

Controller Machine IP:-

Node IP :-

* more ip can be used.

Setup Ansible playbook and create yml script to edit .ini file :-

Here we are going to create Ansible Playbook script to edit the value of `soap.wsdl_cache` in to 1 in the ini file existed on node server with the path /opt/cpanel/ea-php.

Make a directory Playbooks in side /etc/ansible.

# mkdir /etc/ansible/playbooks

Create ini.yml using vim tool.

# vim /etc/ansible/playbooks/ini.yml
  - name: Edit the value of ‘soap.wsdl_cache’ to 1 under the section “[soap]”.
      path: /opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/etc/php.ini
      section: soap 
      option: soap.wsdl_cache_enabled
      value: 1
      mode: 0600
      backup: yes

Now we have created Ansible Playbook with name ini.yml. Execute the following command to run the script using Ansible.

# ansible-playbook /etc/ansible/playbooks/ini.yml

Thank you 🙂