How to install ProFTPD on Centos 7 or RHEL 7

1. Introduction

ProFTPD is an Open Source FTP Server. It is one of the most used, secure and reliable file transfer daemons on Unix environments, due to its file configurations simplicity speed and easy setup.This brief tutorial is going to show you how to install ProFTPD server in CentOS 7. It’a highly configurable and very stable with huge support from the Linux community.

2. Requirements

The OS of the server should be of Centos 7.
Before proceeding, the server should have a fully qualified hostname.
Also you need to install the EPEL repository. Please follow this command

# rpm -iUvh

3. Installation

You can install the ProFTPD as follows:

# yum install proftpd proftpd-utils

After the installation, start Proftpd daemon by issuing the following commands.

# systemctl start

You can check the ProFTPD version as follows:

[root@anu-centos7 ~]# proftpd -v
ProFTPD Version 1.3.5a
[root@anu-centos7 ~]# 

4. Create a ProFTPD user

For creating a group ftpgroup and user anu for ProFTPD. I will restrict the user anu with home directory as /ftp

# groupadd ftpgroup

Next you can add the user anu in ftpgroup:

# useradd  -G ftpgroup anu -s /sbin/nologin -d /ftp

Change the password for user ‘anu’

[root@server1 ~]# passwd anu
Changing password for user anu.
New password: <--ftppassword
Retype new password: <--ftppassword
passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.
[root@server1 ~]# 

Next you need to protect the /ftp directory from removing and renaming its content by any user, so we will change the directory permissions as follows:

# chmod -R 1777 /ftp/

Now you can do login with the user and password at ftp://Serverip
Here the user= 'anu' and password= 'anu'
You have installed Pro-FTP on Centos 7.


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