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  • Amazing techs in syslint

    Amazing   techs in syslint
    Syslint is a great company in terms of support. Better and faster than my data centre guys. They charge low price which might give the impression of cheap service, but am absolutely happy for choosing them. Friendly support staff and quick reply.
    Harish Chouhan
    Dreams Media

  • Great responsible team with timed updates !!

    Great responsible team with timed  updates !!
    The support, respond times and knowledge are superb! We are extremely happy with their service for our infrastructure.
    Koen van Doorn

  • Fast and professional+++

    Fast and professional+++
    We are very pleased with Syslint professional server support services.
    Kfir Man

  • They are support Gurus

    The support staff from Syslint are great, I am happy with their services.
    Jhonatas Ricardo

  • Good work techs , keep it up !!!

    Good work techs , keep it up !!!
    ok so feel i must say a few words about this company. lets start from the beginning, I wanted to purchase cpremote and found through there site they offered management plans for servers etc. I decided that i would purchase one of these plans as it was only an extra $5 and you receive cpremote and ngix free as well as there management plan. I signed up with no problems, opened a support ticket as requested to submit my server details within 10 minutes they had replied explaining the work they were going to carry out. An hour later the work had been carrieed out and all i can say is wow for $10 they have done so much optimising everything, securing the server etc, now the way i see it is they had earned there money there. But - i recently purchase another hosting company which had 50+ accounts in a reseller account. Having prepared time to transfer the accounts myself using whm process i realised there was no ssh access on the other machine, bang goes my day having to manually backup and import the accounts. But then i realized in with my management i could ask them to migrate upto 100 accounts per month to my server. I opened a support ticket and requested the transfers, there was some too'ing and fro'ing regarding no ssh access and having to do it manually but i just pointed out the tos didnt stipulate that ssh was required. Sure enough here we were 3 hours later with all the accounts migrated and working. The way i see it even if I donit use them for the rest of the year (12x$10) i have had my $120 worth in the last 24 hours alone. Keep up the good work!
    Daimon Bowland
    DMB Hosting