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How to install MariaDB Server in cPanel/WHM servers

How To Install PHP 5.2 on cPanel/WHM 11.40+

cPanel, Inc. has released EasyApache 3.24. This version removes Apache 1.3/2.0, PHP 5.2, and mod_frontpage. As mentioned in Introducing EasyApachea Optimal Profiles, These End of Life (EOL) items are no longer available in EasyApache. These items have been removed for

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How to Safely Change the Location of MySQL Data Directory on cPanel/WHM Servers

I had seen many cPanel servers running out of disk space due to MySQL data directory on “/var” partition.To solve this issue you need to move your MySQL data directory to a new location.There are also other situations like moving

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How to install Percona Server in cPanel/WHM servers

What is Percona Server ? Percona Server is based on the original MySQL code, but functions as a drop-in that replaces MySQL .Like MySQL, Percona Server is open-source, so it is free and it benefits from additions from the community.

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How to reduce memory consumption on a cpanel vps

Run command ‘free -m’ note value under ‘-/+ buffers/cache’ and find out how much memory your vps is currently using ? After that please proceed the following steps: 1) Stopping SpamAssassin: This program isn’t overly important to the stopping of

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How to Configure Multiple shared IPs in WHM

Ever wondered how to set up multiple shared IPs in WHM? Here is how. You can’t add multiple shared IPs in WHM GUI, but it’s possible to do so via SSH (login as root). First, you need to create a

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Install Mhash in php 5.3+ in cPanel Centos Linux servers

The php-mhash installation in php 5.3 is very easy. Please use the following steps to install it 1) Download the latest mhash from   http://mhash.sourceforge.net/ and install it as follows, # tar -xzf  mhash- # ./configure --prefix=/opt/mhash #  make #  make

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