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Amal Jose is a linux admin. He is currently working as system engineer in syslint. Amal would like to study about new technologies in the world of linux.

Scheduling Shutdown Automatically in centos 7

Introduction Shutdown automatically in a centos 7 server is a very easy task. It is possible to set shutdown operation at any time as per your need. It is very helpful task while running any installtion or other processes in

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How to install Malware Detect ( maldetect or LMD ) in Debian 8

1. Introduction Malwares are kind of malicious software which damage the system, in order to avoid such harmful threats the user should aware of the changes that he is made in the server. Linux Malware Detect(LMD) is a malware scanner

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How to install Speedtest-cli on CentOS7 or RHEL 7

1. Introduction Speedtest-cli is used to check the speed of uploading and downloading in the server and it use command line interface in order to perform the task. You can also test the network speed of your server too. It

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