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Akhiljith is a Redhat certified administrator and like to work in Linux environment for the rest of his life. Currently he is working as Junior DevOps engineer in Syslint technologies.

Installing Apache in Remote hosts Using Ansible Playbook.

Ansible is an open source automation tool. Which is very simple to setup and yet powerful.It can help you with task automation,configuration manag....

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Ansible Vault

Ansible Vault can encrypt anything inside of a YAML file, using a password of your choice which secures your sensible data such as passwords or ke....

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Install ImageMagick in Centos7

ImageMagick is a free software suite used for editing, creating, composing, or converting bitmap images. By using ImageMagick, it is easy to read ....

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Install LiteSpeed web server on CentOS 7

LiteSpeed is a free and open source web server which can replace httpd. The main features of LiteSpeed is, It can manage thousands of simultaneous....

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