Cpnginx Latest Version, 10.14 Available for Update

We are happy to announce the latest version of cpnginx version 10.14 with the following updates or bugfix

Bug Fix:
Cpanel orphan php-fpm user issue has been resolved. We added proper procedure to clean up the php-fpm users created by cpnginx during the removal time. Cpnginx hooks will properly handle the phg-fpm users even if it is in disabled state.

– Option to enable or disable hooks . You can use the command /scripts/cpnginx/hooks/cpnginxhooks to enable or disable all cpnginx hooks manually, if needed. It is not recommended.
– Nginx default version will be 1.14.0

How to Upgrade to Latest Cpnginx version?

You may simply run the following command to upgrade your cpnginx to latest version

 # /etc/cpnginx/updatecpnginx.py

This will only upgrade the cpnginx software. If you need to upgrade the nginx webserver , you may use the following command

 # nginxctl build  nginx

If you have any questions , please feel free to contact us from our helpdesk , we will be available 24×7 for the support.